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About Us


Who We Are

We are Thumbs Up! Bacon & BBQ!

Established in 2014 in San Diego, California, we are a family owned and operated business. We are a husband and wife duo that have combined our years of restaurant experience, passion for smoked meats and love of people to inspire as we prepare a new style of BBQ for you to enjoy! We have brought our taste buds and diverse geographical experiences to create a fun and delicious experience for you. We like to think of ourselves as instigators of happiness for your heart, mind and belly!


Pre-packaged Bacon & Smoked Meats|Catering|Pop-Ups|Delivery

*Pre-packaged smoked meats(and vegetarian options) by the pound

*An array of sauces ready to take home and enjoy

*Catering packages (from drop off to full service)

*Pop-Up  services for your location!


Fast and Easy

Keep a little bit of Thumbs Up!  with you all the time! Whether it be Bacon, Brisket or Jackruit by the pound or some of our delicious sauces. We have your favorites packaged and ready for dinner with the family or for meals on the move. If our farmer's market locations are too far away, no worries, we can bring the quality to you!! 

Pre-Packaged Price List

Prices and Item availability subject to change

Catering Menu


Main Dishes

Main Dishes


1 Main 2 sides $13 Per Person

2 Mains 2 Sides $15 Per Person

3 Mains 2 Sides $17 Per Person

Main Dishes

Main Dishes

Main Dishes

Smoked Brisket w/ Signature Thumbs Up!BBauce

Smoked Chicken (breast) | Smoked Chicken (mixed) | Smoked Wings | Brisket | Tri-Tip | Ribs | Rib Tips | Pulled Pork | Sausage | Smoked Ham | Smoked Turkey | Jackfruit(vegan/seasonal)


Main Dishes

Sandwiches (W/ side $14 Per Person)


Glow Slaw | Corn Salad | Broccoli Salad | Mango Cucumber Quinoa | Red Beans & Rice | BBQ Beans | Black Eyed Peas w/ Collards | Roasted Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes | Mixed Greens | Mediterranean Orzo Salad | "Smackaroni" & Cheese

Sandwiches (W/ side $14 Per Person)

Sandwiches (W/ side $14 Per Person)

Sandwiches (W/ side $14 Per Person)


  • Pulled Pork | Glow Slaw | Pickles | BBQ Sauce
  • Brisket | Glow Slaw | BBQ Sauce
  • Pulled Chicken | Glow Slaw | BBQ Sauce
  • Sausage | Glow Slaw | Mustard Aioli
  • Jackfruit | Glow Slaw | BBQ

Appetizers ( $3 Per Person)

Sandwiches (W/ side $14 Per Person)

Appetizers ( $3 Per Person)


Cheese Balls | Pepper Poppers | Sausage Stuffed Shrooms | Pickle Poppers | Rib Tips | Smoked Wings | Smoked Tomato Jam Crostini | Nacho Bar | Bacon Bar (add. $2 p/p)

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Would you like to place an order for couple pounds of our delicious bacon/smoked meats or set up a catering  event? 

Do you have questions, comments, or a special request? Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon. 

Thumbs Up! Bacon and BBQ

San Diego, California, United States

(619) 709-0626


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