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Thumbs Up! Bacon and BBQ is a family-owned-and-operated company in San Diego, California. We have been creating the finest smoked and cured meats along with brilliant craft cocktails for more than 15 years.

Meet Our Owner

We are guided by Myles Witcher, our owner. To learn more about him, read the information below.

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It Takes a Village

Our Story

In 2014, Thumbs Up! Bacon and BBQ was established in Atlanta. We enjoy celebrating life, love, and the enjoyment of the simple pleasures that come with a beautiful friendship. This very relationship led us to chase the sun to the glorious San Diego, California.

For some of us, relocating was a leap of faith. However, it has been amazingly worth our trip because the family we have made here has become vast and beautiful! We are a group of friends that have turned into a family. Moreover, we met people we grew up with and those we plan on growing with as we go through life.

A Loving Family

Our family has one thing in common: our love for sharing. We are fond of eating, nurturing children, and raising the roof. In addition, we have always enjoyed hanging around the barbecue grill with our relatives and friends. We share grand stories of victory and dreams of grandeur while soaking up the beauty of the day and watching our kids grow.

Why Choose Us

All our meats are 100% natural with no antibiotics. We personally create our sauces and carefully cure our bacon and barbecue meat. Rest assured that every product that comes out of our kitchen is made with high-quality ingredients.

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