Prepackaged Products

Find prepackaged barbecue sauce, beef bacon, and other delicious products here at Thumbs Up! Bacon and BBQ. If you would like to purchase them, get in touch with us. We serve clients in San Diego, California.

Prepackaged Sauce and Bacon

● Thumbs Up! Signature BBQ Sauce — $8.00/Pint

   ○ Spicy, Smokey & Sweet

● Thumbs Up! Sweet Mango BBQ Sauce — $8.00/Pint

  ○ Sweet & Savory

● Thumbs Up! Kickin’ BBQ Sauce — $8.00/Pint

  ○ Bringing the Heat!

● Thumbs Up! Signature Bacon — $7.00/$13.00

  ○ Small Batch Bacon Seasoned With “Love Rub”

  ○ Served in ½ lb. and 1 lb. Portions

● Herb & Honey Mustard Bacon — $7.00/$13.00

  ○ Thyme, Dijon Mustard & Honey

  ○ Served in ½ lb. and 1 lb. Portions 

● Sriracha & Honey Bacon — $7.00/$13.00

  ○ With Sage…Need We Say More?

  ○ Served in ½ lb. and 1 lb. Portions

● Pepere's Pea Meal Bacon — $6.00 per1/2 lb.

 ○ Traditional Roasted Canadian Style Bacon With a Cornmeal  Crust

● Pepere's Smoked Pea Meal-less Bacon — $6.00/ $12.00

  ○ Smoked & Cured Pork Loin

● Beef Bacon — $8.00/$15.00 (Coming Soon)

  ○ Prepared Like Pork Bacon for Those That Prefer Beef

  ○ Served in ½ lb. and 1 lb. Portions

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Assorted Smoked Specialties

● Butterflied Whole Chicken — $15.00

  ○ Seasoned With Our Signature “Love Rub” and Smoked to Perfection

● Beef Brisket — $18.00 per lb.

  ○ Smoked Low & Slow and Tender to Perfection

● Baby Back Ribs — $30.00 per slab

  ○ Signature Seasoning, Smoked to Perfection and Falling Off the Bone.

  ○ *1/2 Slabs and Full Slabs Available

●Pork Rib Tips — $15.00 per 24 oz. package 2 for $25.00

  ○ Pork Rib Candy Ready to Pop in Your Mouth!  

Pulled Pork — $15.00 per lb. 

  ○ Tender, Smoked Pork Pulled Married With Our Signature BBQ Sauce

● Smoked Tofu — $8.00/$15.00

  ○ Get All the Smoky Goodness and the “Love Rub” Treatment

● Smoked Tomato Jam — $6.00 per 8oz. jar

  ○ Smoked Tomatoes, Mixed Peppers and Onions…A Perfect Pairing With Eggs or a Grilled Cheese Sandwich…You Can Decide! 

Smoked Jack Fruit- $8.00/ $15.00

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