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See You in the Streets!

At Thumbs Up! Bacon and BBQ in San Diego, California, we are passionate about making friends and spreading smiles throughout the county. Come on out and share a little love with us!

We are proud to introduce our flavorful smoked and cured meats in San Diego County's top breweries. Join us in catching some rays and tasting some delectable libations, and let us feed your need for a great-tasting meal.

Hot and Out-Of-The-Box

Whether you are craving pulled pork or hot and gooey cheese balls, we are the right team to call. We will be selling our hot-smoked delights in plates and spreading the love at the locations below. Visit us and taste our newest creations!

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Community Events

We are fun-loving and flavor-hungry individuals who are ready to share our creations with Southern California and beyond. Our team wants to create a way to help families in our community and find the support they need to succeed. Visit our website regularly and read the information below to stay up to date with our community events!

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